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How to create a distance rate shipping method?

Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->shipping zones on the admin panel, then click on the shipping zone and click edit.

Choose the Distance Rate option on the pop window and click on the Add shipping method button.

Click on the Distance Rate method link.

The distance rate settings page will show up.

Distance Rate Settings

Shipping Method Title

This is the title of the shipping method on checkout.

Calculation Type

You can choose from two calculation types, Distance or Distance Time.


Enter the cost per unit. If your calculation type is by distance, enter the price for one mile/km. By distance time, enter the cost for one minute.

Tax Status

Choose if the shipping method is taxable or none.

Pick Up Address

Enter the address that you ship from. ( address, city, zipcode, country ) , leave blank to ship from your store address

Min Distance

Enter the minimum distance limitation ( mile/km )

Max Distance

Enter the maximum distance limitation ( mile/km )

Min Distance Time

Enter the minimum distance time limitation in minutes

Max Distance Time

Enter the maximum distance time limitation in minutes

Min Weight

Enter the minimum cart weight limitation

Max Weight

Enter the maximum cart weight limitation

Min Total

Enter the minimum cart total limitation

Min Quantity

Enter the minimum number of products limitation

Max Quantity

Enter the maximum number of products limitation

Multiply by Quantity

Multiply the shipping cost with the number of items in the cart