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Claim Orders Screen

On this screen, the drivers can claim orders.

How to claim orders?

  • The driver can click on each order and view the order details. Considering the order details will help the driver decide if to claim the order or not.
  • The driver can choose orders and click on the claim orders button.
  • Once the orders have been claimed, the driver can see all the assigned orders by clicking on the view assigned orders button.


  • Email notifications are sent to the driver, admin, and vendor once the driver assigns an order.

Which driver can claim orders?

  • A driver that has the claim permission.
  • A driver that has a city on his billing address.

Which orders are enabled for a claim?

  • Orders that are on the processing status
  • Orders that don’t have a driver assigned to them.
  • Orders that have been allowed for a claim.
  • Orders that don’t have a local pickup.
  • Orders that don’t have virtual products.