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Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce.

Improve the way you deliver, manage drivers, assign drivers to orders, send WhatsApp, SMS and email notifications, routes planning, navigation & more!

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Delivery Drivers

Deliveries a Day

Drivers Routes

Admin can view all drivers routes duration and distance on map

Assign Delivery Drivers to Orders

Auto-assign Delivery Drivers

Admin can auto-assign available delivery drivers to orders by 2 methods:

  • Equally according to the number of orders each driver has.
  • Unevenly in the following order: zip code, city, state, country, and the number of orders each driver has.

Bulk Assign Delivery Drivers to Orders

Admin can bulk assign drivers to orders in the admin panel.

Manually Assign Delivery Driver to Order

Admin can manually assign drivers to orders in the admin panel.

Drivers can Claim Orders

Delivery drivers can claim orders in the driver’s panel.

Delivery Drivers Mobile-Friendly Panel

An app-like experience for delivery drivers to manage all deliveries from their mobile.

Claim Orders

Delivery drivers can claim orders.

Update Delivery Statuses

Delivery drivers can update order statuses to delivered or failed attempt and leave comments on orders.

Route Planning and Navigation

The delivery driver can plan his route and navigate to his destination.

Call Customers or Dispatch

The delivery driver can easily call the customer or the dispatch.

Route Planning

Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Premium Plugin lets your delivery drivers plan their route by distance or manually.

Optimize Route by Distance

Delivery Drivers can optimize their routes by distance and get a short route to the destination, they can choose 4 travel modes in directions – Driving, Walking, Bicycling, and Transit.

Plan Route Manually

Delivery drivers can plan their route manually to get the best route they want.


Drivers can navigate with Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps.

Delivery Driver Order Page

Fully order page in the delivery driver panel.

Destination Map And Navigation

Delivery drivers can view the address on the map and navigate to the destination.

Pickup Address

Delivery drivers can see the pickup address and easily call the store and navigate.

Call Customer

Delivery drivers can easily call the customer.

Delivery Status Updates

Delivery drivers can easily mark order status as delivered or not delivered.

Order Details

The delivery driver can view all order details, including billing address, shipping address, items, comments, and more.

Proof of Delivery


The driver can take a photo as proof of delivery.


The driver can sign the customer as a proof of delivery.

Drivers updates order statuses

Delivery drivers can easily update the order status to delivered or failed delivery.

Mark Order as Delivered or Failed Delivery

Delivery Drivers can update the order status to delivered or failed delivery and add comments to order.

Next Delivery

Once Delivery drivers complete their delivery, they can easily navigate to the next destination in their route.

WhatsApp, SMS and Emails Notifications

Delivery drivers and customers are notified by WhatsApp, SMS and emails,
WhatsApp and SMS notifications are sending with the Twilio SMS provider.

WhatsApp / SMS / EMAIL to the Driver

WhatsApp / SMS / EMAIL to the delivery driver when a new order has been assigned.

WhatsApp / SMS / EMAIL to the Customer

  • WhatsApp / SMS / EMAIL to the customer when the order is out for delivery.
  • WhatsApp / SMS / EMAIL to the customer with an estimated time of arrival when delivery has been started.

EMAIL to the Vendor

  • Email to the vendor when a new order has been assigned to a driver.

EMAIL to the Admin

  • Email to the admin when a new driver has been claimed an order.
  • Email to the admin when a order has been delivered.

What does the customer see?

The customer can see the driver’s details and the proof of delivery in his emails and in the order page in his account.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Once the driver starts the delivery the customer gets an ETA notification of the delivery.

Driver Details

The customer gets the driver’s name and photo.

Call the Driver

The customer can easily call the driver.

Driver Vehicle Details

The customer gets the vehicle type, and license number.


The customer can see his signature.

Proof of Delivery

The customer can see the photo that the driver took.

Your brand

The branding feature lets you add your logo, text, and colors to the driver’s panel.

3 New Delivery Statuses For Your WooCommerce Orders

The Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Premium Plugin will add new delivery statues for orders that you can work with. You can work with your own existing statues as well.

Failed Delivery Attempt Status

The delivery driver attempted to deliver but failed.

Out for Delivery Status

The delivery driver is about to deliver the shipment.

Driver Assigned Status

The delivery driver was assigned to order.

Manage Deliveries

The dashboard lets you have a better view of all your drivers and orders.

Dashboard Includes:

  • How many orders each driver has in each status.
  • How many orders don’t have a driver.
  • How many orders are ready to claim.
  • List of all your active drivers, availability, and claim permissions all statuses can be updated in one click.

Delivery Drivers Application Form.

This feature lets new drivers send a driver application from your store.

Manage Drivers

On the admin users screen, you can view all your drivers’ info, who is active, available, and have claim permission. each status can be updated easily with one click.

Third-party plugins support

This great feature lets you add order text custom fields to the driver’s panel from third-party plugins like delivery slots, etc..

Multivendor marketplace plugins support

The plugin support multivendor plugins like dokan, wcfm and wcmp.

The drivers can see the vendor store info, call and navigate to their location.

Drivers Commissions

Delivery drivers can see their deliveries commissions, and the admin has a full drivers’ commission report sorting by dates.


Distance based pricing – mile / km x price.

Fixed Price

Commission base of a fixed price for each order.

Delivery Total Percentage

Commission calculate by delivery price percentage.

Order Total Percentage

Commission calculate by order price percentage

Built for Speed

The plugin will not affect the speed and performance of your website.

Easy to Use

The plugin is easy to set up and easy to use.

Translation Ready

The plugin is compatible with translation tools.

Friendly Support

Our friendly support team is here to help with all your needs.

Premium License

Choose Your License

Annual License
$99 / year
  • 1 Site License
  • 1 Year Support & Updates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Lifetime License
$299 / once
  • 1 Site License
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Version: 1.7.5

Updated:15 July 2021

Released: 08 Apr 2020

WordPress: 5.7.2

WooCommerce: 5.1.1

Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Portuguese.

Delivery Drivers ADD-ONS

Check out our add-ons for this plugin.

Delivery Drivers for Vendors

Let your vendors manage their drivers, assign drivers to orders, routes, reports, commission, and more!

Delivery Drivers Manager

Let your staff or third-party logistics companies manage delivery drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about this plugin? Please check out our popular questions and answers.
If you still didn’t get your answer please contact us.

Does the plugin support WordPress multisite network?

Yes, the plugin supports a multisite network, however, each site on the network needs to have a license.


Does the plugin support multivendor plugins like Dokan?

Websites that are using a Multivendor plugin like dokan, wcfm and wcmp can use this plugin as well, the drivers can see their store info call and navigate to their location, but the vendors cannot assign drivers to orders, don’t have drivers, settings, or reports, for that you need to use the delivery drivers for vendors addon.


Does this software stand alone?

No, this a WooCommerce plugin that works only in your own store. it doesn’t use any cloud service and it works on your own server.

Is this plugin is an app?

No, this a WooCommerce plugin that works only on your website. it doesn’t use any app. 

Can the admin or the customer see the location of the driver?

The customer gets notifications with ETA.

The admin gets email notifications and can see the route of the drivers anytime.

At this moment the admin and the customers, can’t see the driver’s live location.


Does It is possible to assign drivers to orders by city?

The auto-assign drivers to orders feature have 2 methods to choose from:

1. Auto-assign equally according to the number of orders each driver has.

2. Auto-assign unevenly in the following order: zip code, city, state, country, and the number of orders each driver has.

If you choose method number 2 it will let you assign drivers to orders by city.

What theme do we need to have for this plugin?

The plugin works perfectly with any theme.

Does the trial version has all the features?

Yes, the trial version has all the features.

Premium VS Free

Feature Premium Free
Delivery drivers.
Drivers Mobile-Friendly Panel.
Admin can Assign Drivers to Orders.
New Delivery Statuses.
Order Notes.
Delivery Route Planning.
Next Delivery in Route.
Drivers Ready Delivery Notes.
Drivers can Claim Orders.
Fully Admin Drivers Dashboard.
Admin Orders Filters.
Manage Drivers.
Auto-assign Delivery Drivers.
WhatsApp / SMS Notifications for Customers and Drivers.
Emails Notifications for Customers and Drivers.
Bulk-assign Delivery Drivers.
Delivery Drivers Application.
Drivers Commissions.
Branding – Add Your Brand.
Third-party plugins support – custom fields.
Proof of delivery – signature, and photo
Driver details – Photo, Vehicle Type, Licence Plate.
Customer gets Driver Details and Phone Number.
Travel Modes in Directions – Driving, Walking, Bicycling, Transit.
Multivendor plugins support.
Allow the driver to see features on the drivers panel.
Custom Driver Pages on the Drivers’ Panel.



Lifesaver for a food bank!

We run a food bank that delivers free food parcels to those in need. This plug in has taken hours of admin work, and diminished it, giving us more time to focus on helping people.
Before now we would have right pain notifying volunteers of deliveries, printing paperwork, staying in touch to see when they are delivered etc, but this software has automated the whole delivery system!

Also had to email about an issue I faced, turns out it was me, but the response was very very fast and precise, fixing the issue!

In trial at the moment but will be purchasing the lifetime plan!


Perfect and Them Some

The plugin works out of the box. There were a few issues I had but, were fixed same day by the developer.

In fact, I’ve signed up for the paid version as my client requires SMS updates…. There are cheaper plugins but, all have incredible limitations and a portal that doesn’t look half as good as this one.

I’m not only a happy user, but a happy customer 

It’s also nice to look for a plugin and see the last update be hours to days not weeks / months ago!


Worth every penny

We tried the trial of the premium first and … just amazing.
It’s a absolut timesaver for our client who is working with six drivers.
Simple UI, Full google maps intigration and a good PO-translation.
We got a little problem and mailed the support – answer and solution in under 24 hours – Wow.


Perfect for my site

This plugin is what were looking for. Very easy to use save a lot of time and fuel. Synchronize well with the other components of woocommerce. Every delivered order makes the status done in the order list. I had a question for the support team and they response to me in less than an hour. Keep on with the good work.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

24/7 Award Winning Support

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