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The Order Picking For WooCommerce plugin allows you to choose orders for picking and mark them as fulfilled or unfulfilled.

Order picking is the process of selecting and gathering items from a warehouse or storage location to fulfill an order. It is a critical step in the order fulfillment process and involves verifying that the correct items are being picked, packing them in the appropriate packaging, and preparing them for shipping or delivery.

Effective order picking is important for ensuring that orders are filled accurately and efficiently,
and that customers receive the correct items in a timely manner. It is also a key factor in maintaining good inventory management and keeping track of stock levels.

Order Picking Features

Managing Order Fulfillment with the Awaiting Fulfillment Screen

The Awaiting Fulfillment screen is a useful tool for managing the fulfillment process for orders marked as “waiting for fulfillment.”

Staff members can access this screen from their work stations and use it to track and fulfill orders in real-time.

The screen will stay open and automatically load new orders as they are marked as “waiting for fulfillment,” making it easy for staff members to stay organized and efficiently process orders.

As a store owner, you can use the Awaiting Fulfillment screen to ensure that all orders are promptly fulfilled and that your staff has the necessary tools to do their job effectively.

Updating Order Fulfillment Status in WooCommerce as a Store Owner

The store owner can mark individual orders as “fulfilled” or “not fulfilled” from the order list on the admin panel or from the order page.

    Managing Order Fulfillment with the Bulk Action Feature in WooCommerce

    WooCommerce’s bulk action feature in the order list on the admin panel allows you to quickly and easily update the fulfillment status of multiple orders at once.

    By selecting the orders you want to update and choosing the desired action from the bulk action menu, you can mark multiple orders as “waiting for fulfillment” or cancel the fulfillment process for those orders.

    In addition to this, you can filter the order list by fulfillment status to easily locate orders that are waiting to be fulfilled or have already been fulfilled.

    These features help streamline the order fulfillment process and make it easier to manage orders in WooCommerce.

    Automating Order Picking Processes in WooCommerce

    In the order picking general settings, you can choose which order statuses are allowed for picking.

    You can also set an order status that will automatically mark an order as “awaiting fulfillment” when the order status changes.

    Additionally, you can set certain order statuses to be automatically selected when certain actions are taken, such as:

    • Waiting to be fulfilled” when the order is waiting to be fulfilled
    • Fulfilled” when the order is fulfilled
    • Partially fulfilled” when the order is partially fulfilled
    • Not fulfilled” when the order is not fulfilled
    • Canceling fulfillment” when the order fulfillment is canceled

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      Version: 1.0.0

      Updated: 26 Dec 2022

      Released: 26 Dec 2022

      WordPress: 5.9.1

      WooCommerce: 6.2.1