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You can view all the orders with the following statuses:

  • Processing
  • Driver Assigned
  • Out for Delivery
  • Failed delivery
  • Delivered

All orders can be filtered by the following options:

  • With drivers
  • Without drivers
  • With a specific driver
All orders can be bulk updated to the following actions:
  • Change status to Processing
  • Change status to Driver Assigned
  • Change status to Out for Delivery
  • Change status to Failed delivery
  • Change status to Delivered
  • Remove order location status
  • Unassign driver
  • Assign to driver


You can view the following drivers’ details:

  • Driver home address
  • Driver travel mode
  • Driver phone number
  • Driver route
  • Driver route direction
  • Driver orders

You can also call the driver or send him a WhatsApp message.


You can view the following details on the map:

  • Drivers home addresses
  • Pickups addresses
  • Orders addresses
  • Drivers Routes

How to create a route?

  1. Click on the orders icon on the right side.
  2. Filter the orders that you want to add to the route.
  3. Click on the show orders on map button.
  4. Click on the orders on the map, or check the checkboxes of the orders.
  5. Click on the Bulk action tab
  6. Choose assign to driver and submit the form
  7. Done, now you can view the route.