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Auto-assign drivers not working

If the auto-assign drivers’ option doesn’t work please check the following:

  1. Go to the plugin settings.
  2. Click on the drivers’ settings tab and check if you enabled the auto-assign drivers’ option.
  3. Click on the general settings tab and check if processing status is set and make sure it is not set twice for another status.
  4. Go to the plugin dashboard and check if you have available drivers right now who have an active account.
  5. Go to the order that you want to assign.
  6. Check if the order status has been changed to a processing status.
  7. Check if the order doesn’t have a driver assigned to it already.
  8. Check if the order doesn’t have virtual or downloadable items.
  9. Check if the order doesn’t include Pickup or Shipping Method that auto-assign option is disabled.

If you still having problems please contact us at apowerfulwp@gmail.com